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How do I purchase an item?

Find the item(s) that you wish to purchase and click on the Add to Cart button.  Then follow the simple directions.

We also except telephone orders @ (207) 431 – 3961.

Tartans of Maine accepts cash, personal checks, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard all via PayPal. You do not have to belong to PayPal to use it. You can purchase as a guest.

What sort of guarantee do you offer?

We stand behind all of our products.  If something is not right, for any reason, we will work with you to make it right.

If you choose to have an item(s) of custom clothing made, we will provide you with detailed measuring instructions specific to the garment(s) you wish to have tailored.  It is your responsibility to take these measurements accurately and correctly and to ask any and all questions. All special issues must be resolved prior to ordering.  We fully stand behind the quality of the workmanship and materials used in our bespoke items.  We cannot warranty fit unless the item in question is out of specification with the measurements you submitted.

I need more guidance before I make a purchase.  How can I get it?

Contact us!  We respond promptly and, hopefully, completely to any email inquiry.  We will exchange as many emails as necessary with you until you are satisfied that you have the information you need.

When written correspondence simply won’t do, call us @ (207) 431 3961.  We are very small and although we try to have the telephone manned during normal business hours, we sometimes miss a call.  If this happens, please don’t get discouraged.  We are here and want to talk to you.  Please leave a voice message that includes a call back number and a ‘most convenient for you’ time to reach you.

Never hesitate to contact us for any reason. We are here for you and our job is to do whatever it takes to meet your tartan needs.

I am attending (hosting, planning) a Celtic themed event (wedding, convention, Robbie Burns celebration etc.), can you help?

Yes, we can and have provided clothing and/or accessories for all such events.  The key to meeting your needs is time

While we have stock items available for immediate shipment, large numbers of items must be made to order.

The nature of custom clothing (kilts, skirts, trews etc.) and certain custom accessories(cummerbunds, bow ties) is such that delivery is expressed in months rather than weeks.

Therefore, please begin discussing your wishes and needs with us as soon as possible.  Six months or longer is not too soon to begin addressing a large event like a wedding or convention.

Do you stock tartan designs other than Maine Acadia Tartan?

We no longer carry other family and clan tartans.

There are simply too many options with only 500 to be the most common. 


Where is your fabric woven?

In Scotland, by Scots.  This is as it should be because this is where the very best wool tartan fabrics originate.

Do you sell Maine Acadia Tartan Fabric?

No.  The Maine Acadia Tartan design is exclusive to Tartans of Maine, woven only for us and does not exist until we place a weaving order.  A custom run of our signature tartan generally takes 16-18 weeks from order to receipt by us .  This time lag makes our inventory control extremely tricky. Therefore all of our Maine Acadia Tartan fabric currently goes to meet our own production needs.

How do you justify your pricing?

We do everything possible to keep our prices within reason.  This includes ignoring the siren call of a brick and mortar store,  keeping inventories at reasonable levels and running the lowest possible margins.

However, when you purchase from Tartans of Maine you are purchasing the very finest products or their kind available anywhere.  We use only the finest wool fabrics, employ superior workmanship and outstanding customer service.  We offer the best. Period. This kind of quality comes with a certain price but offers immeasurable value.

I want to purchase a kilt. Please tell me how.

Call us!

Kilts are very personal and special items.  They are difficult to tailor and any kilt worth having is not inexpensive.  There are numerous options available when purchasing a kilt that are reflective of the wearer’s needs and personality and the use to which the kilt will be put.

Kilts require careful consideration.  This takes time and communication. Call us!

Be you a bandsman, re-enactor, formal event devotee, groom/groomsman hiker, upland hunter or just enjoy wearing the kilt, we will happily spend all the time necessary to provide you with perfect garment for your specific needs and desires.

Our kilts are made in Scotland by tailors steeped in generations of craftsmanship.  They are designed, in part with the counsel of professional kilt wearers – former military men from Scots regiments and bandsmen who wore the kilt ‘to work’.

Your kilt will be of heirloom quality, be uniquely yours and will  surely stand out and eclipse lesser garments no matter how formal or utilitarian the occasion.

Your kilt will be….perfect.

But first; Call us.