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ABOUT Maine Acadia Tartan

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Maine Acadia Tartan…the sunrise plaid for Maine

Maine Acadia Tartan is our signature plaid and is exclusive to Tartans of Maine. It was designed by us to symbolize Maine, her culture and history.

DEEP GREEN represents the balsam fir covered headlands of Atlantic Maine.

GREY contrasts with the green to signify the the often fog shrouded and ever rugged granite bound coastline of the Pine Tree State.

BLACK is evocative of the dark, bountiful and often storm tossed waters or the North Atlantic.

TWIN YELLOW STRIPS celebrate the rays of the morning sun, first striking the American coast in Acadian Maine.

There are numerous states characterized by woods and waters and sparkling blue skies. Every state has its own social heritage. But there is one characteristic that makes Maine indisputably unique. There can be only one place where the sunrise first touches the shores of the United States. Maine Acadia Tartan©, with its subtle colors and mature design is the only tartan in the world that portrays this singular event.

Maine Acadia Tartan(c) is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans  and protected by US copyright law